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How to style faux leather leggings

If you love the look of leather leggings, but just don’t know how to wear them, you are not alone. Leather leggings are a hot trend this season that all of the celebs are wearing. But many fashionistas around the world are a bit hesitant of this new fad. How do you wear them? Where can you find them? Can I afford them? These are all frequently asked questions. And I have an answer to all of them.

Contrary to what the leather leggings are tied to, (grunge & rock) these fashion forward statement pieces can easily be dressed up, adding a chic finish to your work or event attire. By simply pairing with a blazer and some chic heels, these leggings can go from cool to classy in minutes!

Not only are these fashion must-haves good at dressing things up, they are also great for giving your casual outfit a chic finish. They have been known to look much better with roomy/baggy tops and lots of layers. When dressing them down, adding sneakers or boots, an oversized tee or sweater, and a beanie will nearly always be phenomenal. This will certainly give you that cool and comfy look everyone is striving for this season!

Now that you know how to style them you think “Okay, so where can I find some?” And “Can I afford them?” While there are endless styles of designer ones that range from $100 to $1,000, I have managed to steal some pretty great bargains on a couple pairs, of awesome quality, too. I found a pair that are only front paneled leather, with zippered front and back pockets at Forever21 for an amazing price of $15. However, they do also sell entirely leather pairs for around the same price. I also snagged a great pair of coated denim (black jeans that have been coated in a shiny finish to get a leather look) from PacSun, the brand being Bullhead Denim. These babies were originally around $50 but I scored them on sale for $10! Champion bargain shopper right here! 🙂 They are both super comfy, and contrary to many’s assumptions, are very flexible and not stiff at all. I would highly recommend investing in a pair from one of these places.

So now that you know leather leggings can be dressed up with a blazer and heels, dressed down with an oversized top and sneakers, are super affordable and really comfortable, what’s holding you back from getting a pair!? If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend investing in this super hot fashion trend!
Xoxo -Megan