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Floral & Spikes and Everything Nice




If you have ever read my blog before, you have probably picked up on the idea that I am NOT a big fan of the super girly girl look. Yet, I really like florals! In the past I have decided to just stay away from them even though I liked them, just to avoid the girly look. But now I have found that adding blacks, spikes, and studs can spice it up perfectly to give it that extra edge! It seems to fit best if you only use one floral piece, and make everything else super edgy (e.i. Leather, studs, skulls, spikes, etc…) and your look will be perfect!!
Pleated maxi skirt: PACSUN
Floral crop top: Charlotte Russe
Denim jacket: Maurices
Spiked statement necklace: Charlotte Russe