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Let’s go Boho: High-End Boho Styles for Less

As spring rolls around, (well it’s supposed to be…but it’s still 30 degrees in Kansas) a new trend is beginning to arise. Bohemian Chic. I fell in love with this style the minute I saw it! You may have seen pictures of some of the celebs sporting it in sunny California, but I think I’ll wait for it to warm up before I bring out the maxis and high waisted shorts! As I’m anxiously waiting, I’ve done some research on styles and pricing, and I’ve found that most of the celebrities’ ensembles are not cheap! (Go figure!) But I have found very similar pieces and created some ensembles that are much more economical and equally as stunning. Hopefully this will help you make your paycheck last longer and get you more bang for your buck! In my opinion, this is one of the cutest bohemian ensembles I’ve seen, worn my Vanessa Hudgens. (I’m a little obsessed with her style, if you haven’t already noticed from my previous posts!)

The good news is, I have found almost an exact replica of this outfit for super cheap!

Now, the most expensive item in this ensemble is the black dress. These are relatively hard to find in this style, but I have found one on for $39. That’s more than I would usually spend on one item, but this look is SUPER cute, so I think it’s worth it! I found this jacket on for-get this!- SIXTEEN DOLLARS AND NINETY SEVEN CENTS! Now that is a dang good deal for a military jacket! The boots I found on for only twenty bucks! And the necklace I found at Forever21 for $6.80!
Not only is this look perfectly styled and absolutely adorable, but it’s also super cheap…and you now know where to get everything! There’s a ton of other bohemian style outfits to be created out there, as well! How cheap can you create a boho chic ensemble? If you have a huge success, I would love to see your ensemble! Keep it cheap, and Let’s Go Boho!
Xoxo -Megan


Winter Chic

Look of the Day time! Today, I chose an ensemble that would be perfect for those chilly, late fall days, but I just had to wear this today because I just scored this scarf yesterday! (Only seven bucks! Holla!) Even though the color scheme is a bit autumn oriented, this outfit is perfect to wear on freeeeezing days like today. Like literally freezing. (The HIGH here in Kansas for today was only 19! Brrrrr!). If you’re really aiming for the cozy look, I suggest finding a scarf that is really thick and that you can wrap around your neck about three times. This makes it look fuller around your neck and more cozy. The scarf I’m wearing is an infinity scarf and I was able to wrap it around three times. And if your scarf isn’t infinity, never fear! There is a solution! just take the ends of the scarf and tie them together, making a loop. BOOM. Infinity scarf! Tall leather boots also play a huge role in the cozy chic look. They are super warm and super chic. I happened to score these babies for twenty bucks at Charlotte Russe a few weeks ago! Holla again! 🙂 But if you are thinking to buy a pair, NOW IS THE TIME! since spring is right around the corner, stores are putting all their winter boots on sale. (Even though its still cold as heck outside!) The last major component to this look is the ivory sweater. I actually bought this at JC Penney a few years ago for about twenty bucks. And I cannot stop wearing it! It goes great with just about any winter piece and is super comfy and cozy. When I bought mine, I made sure I bought a large on purpose, though I’m normally an extra small. This makes the sweater look even comfier and cozier, and not to mention cuter! (In my opinion) But whether you buy it big, or just normal, the ivory sweater is a need this winter season!
And just like that, with three major pieces, each twenty dollars or less, you can create a super chic winter outfit! And don’t forget to play around with colors and palettes to create your own unique look! What’s your opinion on this ensemble? How would you change it? Feedback is welcomed! Did you create your own version of the winter chic outfit? If so, leave a comment with a link to the picture! I would love to check it out and give feedback! Happy styling!
xoxo -Megan


Winter Chic