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The Art of Bargain Shopping

Bargains are every girl’s best friend. But they’re not always so easy to come by. Bar again shopping is one of my absolute favorite hobbies. My best friend and I even have a little competition every time we shop together to see who can get the best bargain of the day.

Her and I having a frappé after a long day of shopping. That leather jacket she’s wearing, she scored thrifted for $12! She definitely beat me that day!

There are many factors to take in to consideration while bargain shopping. Here are a few I’ve come up with from experience.
What Season Is It?
At the end of every season there are always huge clearance sales so that stores can rid themselves of last season’s trends. TIP: I have found the transition from winter to spring (RIGHT NOW!) to be the best bargain shopping season, because outerwear, boots and sweaters, items that are generally more pricey than other types of clothing, are marked off significantly.

(Excuse the mirror pic. Lol. I’m lacking a decent photographer at the moment) I scored this boho-beachy style BillaBong sweatshirt at PacSun just the other day for $10 with their big 70% off sale! HOLLA! (Yes, I just said holla. Don’t judge.)
Know Your Stores
A lot of how much you spend on an item depends on what stores you shop at and how much you’re willing to spend. Obviously if you’re shopping at Anthropology, you’re probably not going to find anything on sale for $10. But you could find some good deals compared to the original price. Personally, I have a poor college-kid budget, so I like to find things AS CHEAP AS POSSIBLE. So I’ve found that places like Forever21 are my kinda place; where I can easily get a top on sale for $5. When shopping like this, quality is also something to consider.
Know Your Style
Often times I have found myself in the rush of a huge sale, drawn in by the ridiculously cheap prices, and end up just throwing everything on the counter. I may be getting a good deal, buuuuut know I have a bunch of crap I won’t wear! Before you go in to a sale, know what you like and have an idea of what types of things you would actually wear. I know it’s hard, but in the middle of the rush of the sale, try to slow down and really examine the item and think ‘Would I actually wear this?’

I found these BullHead Denim coated skinnies on sale also at PacSun for $10!

Cardigan: on sale for $7 at JC Penney
Pleather knee-patched leggings: on sale for $10 at Charlotte Russe
Studded flats: on sale for $1.97 at JC Penney!!
Bag: on sale for $11.99

Forever21 ruched side dress for around $15! I’ve gotten a ton of compliments saying it looks designer!

Bargain shopping season is in and bargain hunting is ON! Happy hunting!
Xoxo -Megan