One of my absolute favorite things to do is see how many different ways I can wear the same one article of clothing. I have discovered that you can actually go quite far with the same piece. A major factor in converting an outfit from one look to another is accessories. Your choice in accessories can make or break the look. Just remember to keep things in the same category. Like, if your going for dressy, opt for a dazzling statement necklace as opposed to a small simple one. And don’t forget about shoes too! Your shoes should always match your theme as well. For example, if you’re going for a casual look, high tops may be a better choice over pumps. (Though on occasion, those can work the casual look, as well) something I do to help me keep things straight is to categorize my accessories into styles, i.e. All the formal jewelry together, all casual together, etc. and the same with shoes. That way you never get confused. But don’t let that confine you to one category of accessories only! Often times, a dressy necklace will give a casual outfit the flare it needs. So don’t forget to think outside the box! Mix and match! How can you switch up your favorite piece in your wardrobe? Can you make at least four different looks using the same item? I dare you to wear the same item again two days after you wear it and see how well you can disguise it! 🙂 Happy experimenting!
Xoxo -Megan


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