Edgy Indie

Guess what!? It’s time for today’s Look Of The Day! Today, I went with an indie themed ensemble with a bit of an edge. the graphic lion tank includes lots of earthy tones, which paired nicely with my indie fringe necklace. That black cardigan, ladies and gents, is a LIFESAVER! it literally goes with everything. You’ve seen it before, in my cozy street style look, and now its reppin’ indie! And let me tell you, that’s not the last you will see of it! If you have not yet invested in a black cardigan of some sort, I would highly recommend it! (That goes for the black combat boots, too! Highly versatile!) This ensemble is perfect for a relaxed Saturday, running errands around town and doing a little shopping! To switch things up a bit, you could wear a denim/chambray shirt instead of the cardigan and switch out the black boots for brown, to give it an even more earthy feel! (I just prefer black, to give it a little edge, but you do what you feel expresses yourself the most!) So…what do you think? Do you like the outfit? Would you change it in any way? Leave your comments below! I want to know what you all think!

-Megan xoxo


Edgy Indie


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